About Us

James Baillie
James Baillie is famously known as “The Arthritis Man” and has had a stall at the main entrance of the Daylesford Sunday Market for many years.

The Arthritis Oil has been adapted from old folk-remedies which have apparently worked for thousands of years. These remedies are largely unknown now, but James discovered the basis of this blend of oils as an answer to his prayer for a way to get rid of his arthritis in 1983. And after about ten years of trials, research, and asking around, he believes that his Arthritis Oils are the best remedy of its kind available in Australia today.

Right: James Baillie & his stall at the Daylesford Market

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Carolyn Gibson from Global Star Services discovered James wonderful blend of oils after hearing praise for them by Elaine Hollingsworth best selling author of “Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry”. Carolyn has created this website so that folks all over the world can now have access to these wonderful oils as previously James has only had them available in Australia. She is also a huge advocate of using Natural Healing methods and has included some of her favourite books and products in this website.