Clinical Trials and Technical Files for Zap-It

Commissioned by Ecobrands Ltd, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine has conducted two 'double blind’ trials to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of Zap-It! The latest results, published in January 2010 concluded that more than 90% of the subjects tested were itch free after 5 minutes. Field trials conducted by the LSHTM in the testing environments of Laos and the Amazon region have provided equally conclusive results.

Registered as a class IIa Medical Product under no: CE 0499, Product Quality Approval Certificate according to Annex V of the Medical Devices Directive : 92/94EEC. Certificate No: 1044473-00 dated 5th July 2010.

Trademarked in E.U., Community Trade Marks Classes 9 & 10-No: 3,870,284, dated July 10 2006 and No: 2502765 dated November 18 2008.

An ethical audit of the Zap-It factory has been undertaken and passed by Bureau Veritas and the result registered on the SEDEX website. Report No: FRT10100810547 dated June 4 2010.

Conforms to the patent registered by Paul Hudz, March 5 1996 no: 5,496,356.

Manufactured and packaged in China, The factory has been audited by NQA and awarded ISO-13485-2003 certification. Certificate No: 34083 dated July 6 2010.

Zap-It/Zapperclick product design is registered by Ecobrands Ltd. In the European Community No: 000277389-0001 January 10 2005.

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Zap It

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